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Photos from my Harryhausen-biography

Photos from my Harryhausen-biography


Actually, the Hungarian Harryhausen-biography (Master of The Puppets) is still in the making – due to lack of time, mainly, not to lack of enthusiasm. In the past year I got a lot of help, so the longer the book takes to be written, the better it’s going to be. Of course, Uncle Ray’s life cannot be told without photographs, however, I’m not planning a coffee-table book full of photos – it will be a normal paperback biography with thirty or forty photos, two or three for each chapter.

A lot of friends offered me photos, especially of the last decade. These photos will be unique, cool shots most of you haven’t seen before, ever. I mean, I wanna give you something new. Take this post as an appetizer :)

I hate watermarking photos. The only reason I watermarked these shots is that they have been offered to me altruistically. I’m so grateful for that and I don’t want to watch them spread though the internet without control.

“Can someone give me a towel?”, Ray seems to ask in my first photo taken by friend Loren Portillo at the Vista Theater, in 1999, hand print ceremony:

A special moment: the unveiling of the Harryhausen star with (left to right) Honorary Mayor of Hollywood Johnny Grant, Ray Harryhausen, my friend Arnold Kunert, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce president and the president’s wife. June 10, 2003, Hollywood Walk of Fame:

My Spanish stopmo amigo, Adrián Encinas had the chance / luck / privilege to attend Uncle Ray’s 90th birtday celebration two years ago in London. He took this wonderful picture. One can spot Tony Dalton, Vanessa Harryhausen and even Randy Cook in the photo!

Mythology, Monsters and Magic – in a suitcase!!! Ray Harryhausen packing before going on holiday – a great shot, taken by friend Al Davis. Anything to declare, sir??

And this one is my favourite: the two Rays!!! Taken at the UCLA Festival of Books in 2004 at Ray Bradbury’s booth by Arnold Kunert.  (Bradbury has told Arnold several times that it’s the best picture of the two of them he’s ever seen.)

I’m looking forward to seeing these pics in my book; what about you? :)



  2. This is more like it dude. I can read this now. :)

  3. Avatar of Chelloveck

    Heheh. Had to change the lingo. :) it was NBCd, ken

  4. Great captures, thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Arnold Kunert /

    Thank you for crediting my friend Mark Montgomery and me in the photos above. I would be very grateful, Peter, if you would also credit me for the photo of Ray holding his Oscar. I don’t want anyone to get the impression that the photo was given to you by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. As I believe I told you in an e-mail, I took the photo on March 7, 1992, immediately after Ray received his Oscar. Obviouly, the photo is much smaller than the others, so perhaps just a very small notation below the photo would suffice. Thanks so much.

  6. Thank you for the photo credit on Ray’s Oscar shot. I am very grateful for your kindness.

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