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Ray’s Comic Book Cameos

Ray’s Comic Book Cameos


I think hardcore fans all know about Ray Harryhausen’s cameo appearances in several movies, like Spies Like Us, Beverly Hills Cop 3, Burke & Hare or the remake of Mighty Joe Young. The other day I wrote a book review about Dinosaur Summer, in which Ray is one of the leading characters. Now Chelloveck proudly presents a few pages from two graphic novels – with Harryhausen’s brief turn.

The first comic book is called Tommysaurus Rex by Doug TenNapel. In this story there is a scene in which the two boys are having a debate about whether King Kong is real or fake – then Ray pops up to explain stop-motion and presents the boy with a signed drawing:

The other one is from an Italian comic series called Rat-Man by Leo Ortolani, the episode Cinzia la Barbara. Here the hero is overwhelmed by an army of skeleton warriors, and the only chance to defeat them is to kill their creator.  So the barbarian throws his sword… and Harryhausen is shown dead at his desk:

(Recently there has been a conversation about Bubo The Owl’s cameo in the CoTT remake, but that is another story… )

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